Competency Evaluation

Post training, SOHAM Learning carries out a Competency Evaluation to measure the tangible results of the Training Program. This is an evidence based assessment and is multi dimensional in order to provide clarity on the actual change brought about in the participant and his mindset.

Assessing an employee's competencies involves a lot more than simply administering an exam or measuring certain skill sets. To gain an inclusive view of employee competencies, we deploy a variety of methods, ranging from self-evaluation to observation and testing.

Assessment of competencies is a structured approach focused on obtaining information on the difference the training has brought about in building the capacity of the employees, their potential and limitations in order to precisely predict their individual success, their success in the team and in the leadership.

  1. Why Competency Evaluation?

When a company or an institution invests its resources in terms of time and money in a training program it becomes crucial to learn whether the same has been worthwhile or not and if otherwise, the reasons for the same.

Competency Evaluation is essential for the Trainer also as – if positive it reinforces his strategy and enthusiasm; and if negative then it provides him with room for improvement.

  1. Benefits
  1.  Tool for measuring tangible results of training
  2.  Provides institutions and companies with a clear overview of investment vis-à-vis output
  3.  A 360 degree analysis
  4.  Stepping stone for improvement and scaling up of training program
  1. Process

Besides standard methodologies like structured competency based interviews; SOHAM Learning offers a series of tests and case studies where certain skills, traits, attitudes and abilities are practically demonstrated.

Line Managers/Supervisors are required to fill in questionnaires carrying different fields which analyze the difference in the performance, approach and aptitude of the participant pre and post the training program.

SOHAM Learning has been accredited to use modern instruments for assessing- preferences, values and motivation of employees; and the personal, group and organizational effectiveness.

The organization may also use Competency Evaluation for various other Human Resource related decisions such as promotion and appraisal.