Mr. Karshan Zala

(CEO, Fruxinfo Pvt Ltd.)

As a growing entrepreneur I had too many things to do at the same time and that too with limited resources. This created a clutter in mind which resulted in lower productivity and satisfaction. SOHAM’s Business Coaching helped me gain clarity and set a tone for growth and development.

Mr.Mihir Shah

(Financial Trainer, Tradewell Education)

Though I was experienced, I lacked confidence with my training skills. The Train-the-Trainer program was an eye opener. It benefited me in instilling real time skills among my trainees, thus making my program effective and popular.

Mr. Laduram Vishnoi

(CEO, Tagove, California USA)

The method is very effective. It helped me to refocus energies to achieve goals. Awesome Coaching!

Mr. Anurag Sharma

(Director, AAMC Training India Pvt. Ltd)

At times in business, one has to detach oneself from the principles of causes and effects. One needs a bird’s eye view on finding effective solutions to continuously evolving challenges. SOHAM offers no non-sense and workable solutions to succeed.

Ms. Komal Dodhiwala

(BDE /Sales, Aseum Infotech )

The training methodology focused on skill development. The contents were rich and the trainer was excellent.

Mr. Gaurav Soni

(Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young LLP)

It was a pleasure to attend the Train The Trainer Workshop with Soham Learning. While there is so much of information on the internet on training and development, nothing can substitute the company of an expert trainer. At Soham, I had the privilege to experience multidimensional learning through the TTT program. I feel it is a must-attend program for everyone in Learning & Development background as learnings from this program will help enhance the quality of the training sessions.
I thank Soham Learning for the valuable inputs and wish them all the success for the future.