Why Soham?

  1. Experienced and Certified Trainers & Assessors

Two of the main pre-requisites for a Trainer or an Assessor to work with SOHAM are to have:

  1.  a minimum 5 years industry experience in the proposed domain and functional areas
  2.  a qualification or certification in Training or Assessment.

The average work experience of our trainers /assessor is 10 years.

  1. Flexible Delivery Options

Learners can have flexible learning options as :

  1.  Off-the job (in the form of a workshop or a short course)
  2.  On-the job at workplace (Learning with and while working)
  3.  On-line (Self-paced)
  4.  Combination of one and more of the above modes
  1. 360 degree approach to training & learning

Our learning programs have simultaneous focus on the development of

  1.  Knowledge
  2.  Skills
  3.  Aptitude
  4.  Capability to transfer learning to the next level

Learning programs can be delivered in the following modes:

  1.  Expected Training / Assessment Objectives
  2.  Expected Training / Assessment Outcomes
  3.  Learning Styles
  4.  Acquiring / Communication methods
  5.  Individual / Special Needs
  6.  Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN)
  7.  Specific Organizational Needs
  1. Measurable Outcomes

At SOHAM, Assessment is not only a way to evaluate learners’ competency but also an opportunity for them to realize the scale and volume of learning or un-learning they need to do. For organization, this is also a mechanism to gauge the Return on Investment (ROI) in training and development.

  1. Continuous Support

Since we believe that learning is a life-long process, our engagement with learners’ community remains a continuous process. We constantly support them in their endeavor to learn, grow and succeed in life.